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SMT8036E SDR Kit Special Offer

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution is a fully integrated platform that has proven very popular among our University customers. More than 80 Academic and Research Institutes are using the SDR Kit with full satisfaction.

Sundance has recently boosted the SDR Kit Offer with more powerful hardware.
The improved system now comprises:
  • Two 14-bit ADCs channels each with 105 MSPS
  • A dual channel 16-bit DAC that converts digital results into analogue signals at a rate of 400 MSPS
  • Ultra-high performance Texas Instruments TMS320C6416 DSP for processing tasks
  • A powerful FPGA for pre- and post-processing (Xilinx Virtex II XC2V6000)
The data flow can be displayed on the host PC in real-time through optimized PCI drivers and tools.

Modularity, flexibility and scalability are key design features that become even more important with the increasing complexity of real-time embedded systems. Sundance can offer all of them thanks to a simple, block-based system architecture plus Simulink®-compatible co-design software tools. Testing proof-of-concept designs and then optimising the architecture is very straightforward.
With the simple addition of the SMT349 module (50% discount offer: see below), the SDR Kit provides the entire signal chain hardware from antenna to baseband as well as a complete suite of software development tools in a single integrated development platform. Developers can easily design waveforms as well as create and test single or multi-protocol radios for applications in military, public safety, commercial, Professional/Land Mobile Radio systems etc.

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Add-on modules for the SDR Kit - we are almost giving them away!

Any Customer who buys or has bought an SDR Kit is entitled to a discount on the following add-on modules for his Kit:

The SMT349 at 50% full price! It is an IF/RF front-end module that completes the transmission and reception paths of Sundance SDR systems. It includes two RF transceiver modules, operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, and one FPGA-controlled synthesizer, which sets the RF centre frequency for both transceivers. Each SMT349 is provided with two antennas and cables.

The SMT398-VP70-6 at 50% full price! It can be thought of as a base platform for a range of applications and functions. The SMT398-VP has a Virtex-II Pro VP70 FPGA and 4 MBytes of QDR II SRAM.

The SMT118 at 50% full price! The SMT118 has been developed to carry 3 Modules; attention to power-management enables it to be powered by a small battery in a mobile vehicle or even on a bicycle!

Zoom in on HW/SW Co-Simulation and Co-design with the new SMT6040!

The Sundance innovative SMT6040 HW/SW co-design tool is based on the MATLAB® environment and allows easy conversion of a Simulink® project into a full application ready to run on many Sundance modules and systems (i.e. the Sundance SMT8036E SDR Kit).

MathWorks Partner HW/SW co-design is a high-level approach to designing high-performance, low-cost systems. Any algorithm can be described by general-purpose functions (mathematical, logical, signal & video processing, etc.), while being kept entirely implementation-independent. SMT6040 Screenshot - click for full details

The SMT6040 extends the Simulink library with additional blocks targeting specifically Sundance hardware. The user can describe his algorithm using both the native set of blocks and the Sundance ones. Thus,  it is easy to implement math and logical operators, non-linear and trigonometric functions, vector and matrix operations, modulators, etc. directly on the Sundance hardware.

The user can select, by means of a simple check box, if he prefers to have C or VHDL code automatically generated as output for each SW or HW module, enabling quick experimentation with optimal task allocation between the DSP and the FPGA.

SMT6040 Workflow

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