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New Video&Imaging Kit Offer - Now with extended capabilities!

The SMT8039 Video&Imaging Kit is a highly professional system based on DSP, FPGA and Video interface technologies. It  comprises the SMT310 PCI carrier board and the SMT339 Imaging Module. The SMT339 is a high-performance architecture which can be used in many applications, such as Robotics, Automation, Video Surveillance, Digital TV, etc.

A 720MHz Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 DSP is the powerhouse of the SMT339. It features a two-level cache-based architecture that can perform four 16 x 16 multiplications or eight 8 x 8 multiplications per clock cycle. 64 Mbytes of external memory (EMIF SDRAM) are included for data storage. The Virtex-4 FPGA (XC4VFX60-10) of the SMT339 can be used for further fast processing of the acquired data. 8 MBytes of ZBT SRAM are provided as an FPGA memory resource.

Video&Imaging Special University Offer

New Add-On Cards!

The SMT339 can be expanded by plugging onto it our new Add-on Cards:

DVI Transceiver

The SMT939 is an SLB expansion card for the SMT339. It has a Single DVI channel decoder (input) and a Single DVI channel encoder (output), both running at up to 165MHz.

The driving hardware can interrogate the DVI input interface by using an EDID table on the on-board EEPROM.

Dual Multi-channel Video Decoder
The SMT909 is a Dual video expansion card for the SMT339; it makes possible the simultaneous capture of 2 input channels.

The two on-board Philips SAA7118 video decoders translate  PAL/SECAM/NTSC input color signals into ITU 601-compatible color component values.
CameraLink Receiver
The SMT949 add-on board for the SMT339 provides Base, Medium and Full-configuration Camera Link Interfaces through two 3M MDR connectors, by implementing two serial interfaces between the card and the camera and four control lines to the camera.

With its three DS90CR288A LVDS decoders (data-rate output of up to 85MHz), the SMT949 can achieve data rates of up to 765 MBytes/s.
RS-422 Camera Link module
The SMT922 is an SLB (Sundance Local Bus) module with an RS-422 interface primarily designed as a camera link interface (a 16-bit CEDIP camera).
Dual GB Ethernet module
The SMT945 uses two Marvell Alaska gigabit PHYs (88E1116) to provide 2 channels of 10/100/1000 Ethernet.

The PHYs’ outputs are presented on RJ45 vertically mounted connectors.

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DVIP - Digital Video Infrastructure Platform

The DVIP is another system based on the SMT339. It is especially geared for demanding Security applications, such as Multiple Video surveillance, Defense installation, Broadcast development, etc.

The DVIP is based on one SMT339 module and an SMT362 module. The SMT339 provides 1GHz TMS320C6455 DSP and a scalable architecture that allows multiple DSP to be connected via a Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO) interface. The SMT362 provides Dual 'C6455 Floating-point DSPs.

Both modules are fitted on an SMT148-FX Stand-Alone carrier board. The DVIP can be upgraded with two additional modules from the wide Sundance range of over 40 different combinations, to offer even more processing-power, ADC/DAC interfaces, RF test-beds or customized solutions.

DVIP is designed for high-performance, semi-rugged mobile and stationary deployment or for "Rapid Prototyping" of algorithms or hardware concepts. The SMT148-FX carrier board has many I/O resources: SATA, USB 2.0, FireWire, 1Gigabit Ethernet, RS485, RS232, LVDS interfaces. It also contains a Virtex-4 FX60 FPGA.

The DVIP is supported by TI Code Composer Studio, which is required for any development of DSP code. Being fully Diamond-compatible, DVIP can benefit from an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse front-end.


To know more, please visit the DVIP webpage.

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