Who are Sundance?

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. was established in 1989. The Sundance company strategy is to produce a comprehensive range of competitively priced and well engineered products for the high-performance embedded processing market.

Our first products were designed for the parallel processing market. The product portfolio included PC add-in boards and modules. Sundance rapidly developed and built a wide range of processor modules and boards. The range included many special purpose modules and allowed Sundance to act as a ‘one-stop’ shop for system designers and manufacturers.

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Our Product ranges

We have a number of product ranges, separated into different on-line "Stores".
We hope that this makes it easier for you to pick what you need.
We have a full list of our existing products, as well as links to all these stores for the different form factors / solutions.

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How do I... ?

If you have a Sundance Multiprocessor Technology product and need some help using it, then we have the tools to help you here.
We have the main Sundance Support forum where you can ask your questions in a safe and secure way.
There is the Sundance.wiki where we list the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
The Sundance YouTube channel has a few short clips.

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Sundance Quality

Sundance is an ISO9001-2008 certified company, better known in Europe as EN 29000.
This standard specifies the requirements to a quality system, which includes all important parts of a company such as design, production service and sales. 
All spheres and working processes are involved in the system of total quality management.
ISO9001-2008 has become an important criteria in production engineering to maintain standards in the international market.

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For more information on the ISO9001-2008 standard, and all other quality standards, please visit the BSI (British Standards Institute) website.