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  Sundance's products are now split into groups by form factor or application.

Clicking on the picture above will take you to the relevant Sundance Store.
There you should find more information as well as prices for the product group you are interested in.

About Sundance
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SUNDANCE and Signal Processing

High-performance computers and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are increasingly being used to address a diverse range of automation tasks. Typically, the applications which benefit include real-time control, robotics, image processing and pattern recognition. Digital signal processing brings the be...


Application Stories

Real time target tracking algorithm

Polytech'Clermont-Ferrand, a French Engineering school, ran a university project in partnership with Sundance. The main work was focused on building a standalone embedded system based on the Sundance advanced video system: SMT8039. This system is able to detect a person or an object in a public a...

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