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VCS-1 tree detection and NDVI computation

The Intel Realsense D435i Camera streams an image of the surrounding landscape to the VCS-1 allowing the Neural Network to check for vegetation. Plotting the coordinates of the trees, the VCS-1 can calculate the region of interest so that the “Normalized...

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Lynsyn power measurement within TULIPP’s STHEM tool-chain

The video below demonstrates the capabilities of the Lynsyn power measurement unit and the Analysis tool within Tulipp’s STHEM tool-chain. STHEM is open-source and available from: Below are some images from the Embedded World 2019...

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TULIPP @ HiPeac 2019

HiPEAC is a European network of almost 2,000 world-class computing systems researchers, industry representatives and students.  It provides a platform for cross-disciplinary research collaboration, promotes the transformation of research results into products and...

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NTU Smart 4 Industry Workshop

Sundance was sharing details about the TULIPP Platform to a group of more than forty innovators, senior educators and PhD researchers at the recent workshop at Nottingham University, called “Smart4Industry”.  The Nottingham Trent University held the Smart4Industry...

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Nottingham Trent University Smart Industry 4 Workshop

The Nottingham Trent University is organising the Smart Industry 4 Workshop from the 9 to 11 of January of 2019. The aim of the Smart Industry 4 Workshop is to present rigorous scientific advances accompanied by real-world applications in the areas of Industrial...

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VineScout testing, July 2018, Portugal

Sundance is a proud member of the VineScout project and as such we were involved in the most recent testing of the robot which took place in the Douro region of Portugal. The Douro is known for its historic farming methods, but while traditional viticulture remains...

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