Exploring 60GHz Band Wireless Communication

waterloo1Dr. Amir K. Khandani’s team uses Sundance communications development platform for their research in 60GHz band wireless communication.

The bandwidth available in the 60GHz band will enable wireless communication at rates of Gbps. Researchers at the University of Waterloo are developing a 60GHz band wireless communication system, which will make possible a study of RF channels and testing of algorithm implementations. For this system to meet the 500MHz bandwidth requirement, it needs to have a Gsps analog front end and very high speed signal processing units. Also, in order to move the massive volume of data across processing units, high speed data links must be present. The Sundance platform is the most effective all-in-one solution available on the market.

“We are very impressed by the quality of the Sundance products and their close professional involvement to speed up the use and maximize our benefits from their systems.” 
Dr. Amir K. Khandani, Professor, Canada Research Chair, Leader of Coding and Signal Transmission Lab, ECE, University of Waterloo, Canada

“The Sundance Platform in combination with the 3L Diamond design environment provided necessary tools to begin our work. The 3L Diamond SMT Library abstracted complicated hardware modules, so efforts can be focused on algorithm implementation and system integration. Given the fact of system complexity, the timely and case specific in detailed support from Sundance and Diamond’s team are helpful and very much appreciated.” 
Rong-An Zheng, Researcher, Coding and Signal Transmission Lab, University of Waterloo

“Sundance has provided an elegant pairing of high analog bandwidth to powerful digital processing. The ease and speed with which the platform’s components can be leveraged shows the care that went into the system’s construction and has made it possible for us to rapidly prototype designs with very high throughput demands.” 
Phil Kinsman, Engineering Student, Coding and Signal Transmission Lab, University of Waterloo