Scanners for sawmills (Edging, Green and Dry sorting)

finscanFinScan is an expert in realtime image processing, optimizing systems for the sawmill and veneer industry.

“Sundance has been a supplier to FinScan for more than 15 years and in that period our BoardMaster product has undergone a constant and steady improvement in performance as a direct result of the Modular hardware concept that Sundance applies. Component obsolesce has been managed with flair, inspiration and effectively and our current solution is based on the SMT123 and SMT145 and we have more than 100 of our scanners in daily use in sawmills around the World.

We have always been confident that Sundance products were of top-spot quality and on the rare occasion when we required support the Sundance Team were as reliable as the products.”

The next generation of BoardMaster is being deployed using the SMT123-T based on quad optical fibre links, Virtex-5 FX30T and PCI Express interface. 
Urpo Meskanen, Project Manager, FinScan, Finland