HIPPEROS – High Performance Embedded Solutions

HIPPEROS is a family of new multicore hard real-time operating systems (RTOS) for safety critical applications, specifically designed to provide the highest reliability, predictability, security and performance while using multicore architectures efficiently, taking into account their specific constraints and features.

HIPPEROS is a highly configurable and modular family or RTOSs. This way, we can produce different kernels that satisfy different requirements, adapting to different use cases. All these “flavors” share nevertheless compatibility for applications.

HIPPEROS is predictable, fully preemptive and multitasking. Its architecture makes it scalable and efficient for multicore platforms. Specific features have been included in its design to ensure fault tolerance, redundancy and to obtain its formally proven reliability.

HIPPEROS is aimed at certifiability by different norms. It is prepared to meet the requirements and growing complexity of different application domains taking into account the specific needs of every case.

HIPPEROS application domains include:

  • Aerospace
  • Avionics & Defense
  • Robots and Industrial Control
  • Car Safety
  • Medical Devices
  • Virtual & Enhanced Reality