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Sundance Launches Innovative PC104 Module with Advanced PolarFire® FPGA SoC Integration

The EMC²-MPFS250 system synergises two components: a SoM Module from Trenz Electronic with a PolarFire SoC and Sundance’s EMC² – a PC104 SoM Carrier.


Sundance Multiprocessor Technology, an expert in high-performance computing solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovative module that synergises two key components: the Microchip PolarFire SoC MPFS250T from Trenz Electronic and Sundance’s own EMC²-DP – a PC104 SoM Carrier.

In 2010, Sundance was the first to add a “PowerPC” CPU with FPGA fabric (Xilinx’s Virtex-5) to PC104, then in 2017, we were the first to add a 32-bit ARM CPU to PC104 with the ZYNQ SoC from AMD. Now, we are the first to add the PolarFire SoC to a PC104 stack with multiple RISC-V CPUs and plenty of FPGA-based I/O connections to create an embedded solution.

Flemming Christensen

Managing Director, Sundance

Revolutionising the PC104 Standard with Advanced SoC Technology:
With over three decades in the embedded industry, Sundance is enhancing the standard PC104 form factor. Integrating the PolarFire SoC with RISC-V CPUs and FPGA fabric brings new dimensions of I/O capabilities through a VITA57.1 FMC Expansion and Edge-AI acceleration.

Microchip PolarFire SoC MPFS250T: Precision and Power:
The Microchip PolarFire SoC MPFS250T, provided by Trenz Electronic, offers 1 GByte LPDDR4 SDRAM within a compact 4 x 5 cm footprint, striking an optimal balance between low power consumption and high performance. This SoC is adept at high-speed data processing and secure data handling in various applications.

EMC²-DP PC104 SoM Carrier: Flexibility and Open-Source Innovation:
The EMC²-DP PC104 SoM Carrier enhances this module’s versatility. As an open-source PC104 carrier, it supports various SoM Modules in the popular 40mm x 50mm form factor. The latest addition, Trenz’s TEM0007, will have different variants: MPFS025T, MPFS095T, and the comprehensive MPFS250T. Sundance’s initial offering is the MPFS250T, with sample shipments expected in late Q4’23 and production quantities in Q2’24.

Pricing and Availability:
The starting price for the EMC2-MPFS250 is set at £1495.00. For bulk orders, the 100+ price for the TEM0007 with MPFS250 and 1Gbyte of LP-DDR4 is under £300.00. This new module is available for purchase through Sundance’s online store. For more detailed specifications and pricing information, visit Sundance Store.

About Sundance Multiprocessor Technology:
For close to 35 years, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology has been a key player in high-performance computing solutions. Committed to innovation and quality, Sundance continues to provide state-of-the-art products and services to a global clientele, driving advancements across multiple industrial sectors.

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