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A crop health monitoring solution for hilly terrains.

With Ainstein’s acclaimed drone radar altimeter, our crop monitoring drone solution is designed for rough terrain! It is the only market-ready solution that maintains a constant above-crop canopy elevation, ensuring more accurate and precise readings of your fields with MicaSense RedEdge-M Sensor.

It can take hours or even days to walk or drive the field and check for problems with poor foliage development so why not have a drone do it for you?

The image to the left is example data captures by a RedEdge camera. It scanned the field and automatically identified potential problem areas with distressed plants.

You can then go directly to these areas to apply corrective action, rather than walking the entire field.



Ainstein UAV Radar Altimeter that maintains 40m – 100m distance from crop canopy to the drone.

MicaSense RedEdge camera.

Ainstein Ready To Fly Smart Drone Development Platform, equipped with collision avoidance radar sensors. 50 min flight time.

Compatible with open source mission planning and ground control softwares.

Growers of all types can reliably measure crops vigor and health with higher precision, using the MicaSense RedEdge-M sensor. You can meaningfully compare images taken over different flights, and take action quickly.

  • Improve efficiency of fertilizer application
  • Provide early disease detection
  • Facilitate more precise irrigation practice
  • Enable targeted pesticide, fungicide and herbicide applications
  • Reduce driving of your field by covering your whole farm with a single drone mission

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