Ainstein’s Flagship US-D1 Radar Altimeter Celebrates 20,000 Production Unit Milestone with Price Reduction.

Ainstein, a trusted leader in radar sensing solutions since 2015, is excited to announce that the US-D1 Radar Altimeter has achieved a major high-volume production milestone delivering its 20,000th unit! Commercialized in 2017 and deployed in over 40 countries, the US-D1 is the gold standard in short-range radar altimeters, providing reliable precision altitude measurements regardless of weather, lighting, or environmental conditions.

Trusted by over 600 clients, Ainstein extends our gratitude to the loyal customers who have helped us reach wide-scale international adoption of our flagship product – the US-D1. This volume achievement has allowed us to collaborate with our industry supply chain partners to scale operations and reduce overall component costs that we wish to pass to our customers. Effective April 22, customers can purchase the US-D1 for just $499 per unit, down from $599.

At Ainstein, customers are partners in the journey toward innovation and excellence. This decision to reduce the price of the US-D1 stems from a deep-seated desire to ensure that every customer can access cutting-edge radar technology, regardless of changing economic conditions.

“We are excited to share this value forward with our customers. Each unit will continue to embody the same quality, reliability, and precision that our customers have come to expect.”

By sharing cost savings with customers, Ainstein aims to foster long-term partnerships and mutual success.

“We believe that by empowering our customers with affordable access to our cutting-edge radar technology, we can contribute to their growth and prosperity. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and their satisfaction remains our top priority.”

Maggie Williams

Chief Strategy Officer, Ainstein

Ainstein’s US-D1 radar altimeter is ideal for providing high-precision, real-time altitude readouts to industrial and tactical UAVs. Because of its unmatched effectiveness in enabling efficient, reliable, and safe Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) transitions, it has become the gold standard for drones performing VTOL.

Who the US-D1 is ideal for:

  • Recon and Surveillance Drone Manufacturers
  • Lightweight, Fixed-Wing Tactical UAS
  • Other VTOL Drone Applications

Why Use a Radar Altimeter?

  • To perform high-fidelity UAV terrain-following
  • Laser altimeters are less effective over water
  • GPS can’t account for varied terrain

Key Benefits of US-D1 for VTOL Drones:


  • Rapid, real-time data (100 Hz Refresh Rate)
  • Small size (108 x 79 x 20mm)
  • Lightweight (110g)
  • Simple and easy setup (Ardupilot and PX4 ready)
  • Ideal for autonomous takeoff and landing (0.3m – 50m operating range)

US-D1: UAV Standard Radar Altimeter

Ainstein’s UAV Standard Radar Altimeter US-D1 is a must-have mmWave Radar sensor, enabling autonomous takeoff and autonomous landings for drones, as well as terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture.

LR-D1: UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter

Ainstein UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter LR-D1 is a low-cost, high-performance mmWave Radar altimeter designed for advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned helicopters, and other GA aircraft.

LR-D1 Pro: The latest generation of our long-range radar altimeter.

The LR-D1 Pro employs a 60 GHz antenna for centimetre-level precision at low altitudes and a 24 GHz antenna for enhanced capabilities at high altitudes. The LR-D1 Pro is ideal for larger UAVs performing VTOL, helicopters, and for missions that require precision landing and ruggedized durability.

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