Autodiscovery Robots at DSEI

Autodiscovery can supply a variety of platforms and robots for any automation tasks. Platforms are without on-board autonomy but can be easily interfaced with computers and other payloads installed by the user. They are compatible with popular ROS and have an additional Python interface. Robots come with onboard computers and sensors and provide some autonomous capability out of the box.

Sundance is excited to have the new HEAD360, Bunker Micro and LIMO robots available for visitors at DSEI next week.

See the full range available here.

See Autodiscover robot on the Sundance stand at DSEI, Hall 1 – 411

ExCeL, London on 12-15 September 2023.

Bunker Micro Robot

Flexible and expandable off-road tracked UGV, with rails and ESP32 wifi remote control

Small robot designed for experiments and education. It is compatible with multiple different computers such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano. It has a built in ESP32 with wifi and Bluetooth and it comes with a web-based remote control app. It has aluminium rails for mounting equipment on top such as cameras, robot arm and more. It comes without battery and needs 3 16500 lithium batteries.

Limo Robot

Small fully featured robot perfect for education and training

LIMO is an innovative multi-modal, compact, and customizable mobile robot with AI modules and open-source ROS packages, which enables education, researchers, enthusiasts to program and develop AI robots easier. In line with strong perception sensors and Nvidia Jetson Nano, making it a better platform to develop more indoor and outdoor applications.

Our branch of the LIMO ROS 2 repository is available here