Computer-On-Module for High Performance Computing (COM-HPC)

A relatively new standard, being only a few years old, COM-HPC is a modular open standard for building high-performance embedded computing systems. Rising to meet the increasing bandwidth and data intelligence requirements of high-end IoT client devices and embedded edge servers in multiple market segments, the new COM specification family supports state-of-the art interfaces such as PCI Express Gen 5, USB4, DisplayPort 2.0, and 25G Ethernet, as well as server-class processors.

Though not compatible with its predecessor, COM Express, COM-HPC designs are also based on a two-board architecture consisting of a compute module and carrier card that interface over high-speed, high-pin count connectors. This enables easy upgradability of the processor and memory subsystems. The COM-HPC specification calls for a pair of 400-pin connectors that support up to 65 PCIe 5.0 lanes that deliver 32 Gbps throughput, as many as eight 25 GbE channels, 40 Gbps USB4/Thunderbolt data transfer speeds, 80 Gbps DisplayPort signals, and more.

COM-HPC defines two pinout Types – Server and Client – and five different modules sizes ranging from 120 mm x 95 mm to 160 mm x 200 mm. A sixth smaller size dubbed the “Mini” form factor slated for standardization in the near future.

Full information on the standard can be found on the PICMG website.

We have in our store a Module from Trenz Electronic and a carrier board from 7StarLake. Details of these products are below:

TE0830 MPSoC Module with AMD Zynq

UltraScale+ ZU11EG-1I FPGA

The TE0830 features high memory connectivity (PS up to 8 GByte and PL DDR up to 16 GByte) as well as fast Gigabit transceivers (up to 32.75 Gb/s) allowing PCIe Gen4 to be implemented as root complex or endpoint. Storage memory can be expanded as desired (SATA or M.2 PCIe storage card on carrier). In addition to these interfaces, USB, Gigabit Ethernet and several other common interfaces are available. The JTAG connection for programming the ZynqMP can be done via GPIO pins or conveniently via Ethernet (with current firmware), so that the use in the server area is also possible.

SK518-SDHSE COM-HPC Server Size (D/E)

Carrier Board with PCIe/104

SK518 is based on COM-HPC Carrier Server Size E Form Factor, offers variety of on-board expansion slots, with 4x Slim-SAS (Vertical and Horizontal), 1x mPCIe(Full Size), 2x M.2 2280 M-Key. The board also supports up to 6RDIMMs and onboard NVME/M.2/SATA interface. SK518 is driven by Ampere Altra Processor, features with up to 80 Arm-based cores which allows for more data to be processed with only 175W TDP to satisfy the demand of the greater performance and meanwhile lower the consumption of energy.

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