New expansion bus for I/O connectors – CRUVI connector

Trenz Electronic’s CRUVI (Customizable Ruggedized Universal VI) modules represent a significant advancement in FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) board design. Serving as an alternative to the FMC± bus, CRUVI modules offer a simplified yet efficient solution for a variety of engineering applications.

CRUVI (Customizable Ruggedized Universal VI) is a relatively new I/O connector expansion bus developed for FPGA boards by Trenz Electronic GmbH together with several other companies involved in FPGAs and FPGA boards, including Samtec, which manufactures the CRUVI connectors. The CRUVI expansion bus is designed to perform many of the same functions as the larger and more expensive FMC ± bus, but is intended for simpler devices that don’t necessarily need the FMC connector’s 32±Gbps serial transceivers.

CRUVI’s innovative design focuses on versatility and ease of use. Its modular structure allows for a wide range of functionalities, accommodating various project requirements. The system is engineered for high-speed data transfer and optimized for robust performance in demanding environments.

The Trenz CRUVI product line includes motor drivers, module carriers, adapters, and base boards with different FPGAs. These components are tailored for diverse applications, from industrial automation to advanced research projects. The motor drivers, for instance, are ideal for precision control in robotics and manufacturing processes.

Each CRUVI module is designed with specific technical parameters to suit different engineering needs. The base boards, equipped with high-performance FPGAs, provide a solid foundation for complex computing tasks. The expansion modules, on the other hand, offer additional functionalities like enhanced connectivity or specialized processing capabilities.

A key aspect of the CRUVI modules is their compatibility with existing systems. Engineers can seamlessly integrate these modules into their projects, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to ongoing work. The simplicity of the CRUVI system also reduces the learning curve, making it accessible to a broader range of professionals.

Trenz Electronic’s CRUVI modules are a game-changer in FPGA board design, offering unparalleled flexibility and performance. Their robustness, combined with ease of use, makes them an ideal choice for engineers across various industries.

For more detailed information on each product, visit the Sundance Store’s Trenz Electronic CRUVI Products page.

The purpose of this standard is to create an open ecosystem of function modules. The main focus is on support for FPGA’s and FPGA SoC devices.

The initial design was driven by the following constraints:

  • Mechanically fixed (mounting holes)
  • Cost-optimized variants
  • Size:
    • two modules must fit “inside” VITA 57.1 FMC Card
    • size scaling
    • B2B connector mating height: 5mm max
  • Front panel accessible I/O Connectors, optimized for connector density
  • Variable I/O Voltage
  • High-speed transceiver support (option 1 to 4 lanes)
  • I2C/SMBUS Support (with ALERT/IRQ)
    • Plug & Play EEPROM (optional, recommended)
  • Predefined I/O mappings, for relevant interfaces
    • QSPI/OctalSPI/xSPI/eSPI
    • SDIO/eMMC
    • NAND
    • HyperBus/OctaBus (HyperRAM/Flash)
    • LVDS ADC (1 to 4 data lane)
    • FTDI FIFO (8 bit)
    • ULPI
  • Recommended Differential pair mapping for FPGA with unidirectional LVDS
  • “Ecosystem friendly” – adaptable to existing ecosystem with adapters
  • Standard heatsink available

Sundance CRUVI Store

CRUVI Carrier board with 3 CRUVI slots (3 x HS, 1 x LS)

TEB0707-02 – This board accepts Trenz 4×5 SoM and converts into a CRUVI-compatible host carrier board. Three CRUVI slots are provided with HS connector support. One slot also supports LS.

  • 3 x High Speed and 1 x Low Speed CRUVI B2B connector
  • Intel MAX 10 FPGA as system controller
  • Micro USB2.0 socket with FTDI to JTAG/UART solution
  • RJ45 LAN socket
  • USB A socket
  • microSD card socket
  • user LEDs, push buttons and DIP switches



CRUVI Baseboard with Altera® MAX® 10 FPGA


CRUVI HDMI Adapter CR00240-01-P001

CRUVI motor driver module CR00140-02, Mezzanine card, supports motors with up to 4 phases up to 40V

CRUVI Low Speed to Pmod Adapter CR00005-01-1


Pmod to CRUVI Low Speed Host Slot CR00025-01

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