DreamVu: Two Key Solutions Available Now!

Human Presence Detection Solution with Depth

The latest version of DreamVu’s Human Presence Detection Solution passed all series of testing and is now ready for large-scale deployment. The update includes built-in depth estimation, enhanced object recognition, and improved features, among other specifications. This solution has a maximum detection range of 5m and effectively measures depth with an accuracy of 99% at 1m, starting with a 0 mm minimum depth distance. In addition to people, this solution can now accurately detect the following objects:

Moving: Bicycles, Cars, Motorcycles, Buses, Trains, Trucks, & Traffic

Stationary: Lights, Fire Hydrants, Street Signs, Parking Meters, & Benches

DreamVu Human Presence Detection Solution has been optimized for both UV robots and legged robots with modifications to support a variety of applications such as:

  • People Detection with Depth Estimation
  • Depth Zoning
  • 3D Location Estimation
  • Social Distancing
  • Object Detection
  • Occupancy Mapping

Check out the video above to see what the Human Presence Detection Starter Kit entails. This is a ready, out-of-box, Human Presence Solution with everything you need to get started right away!

Human Presence Detection Starter kit in our store.

Obstacle Detection Solution with Recognition

The above video shows the DreamVu Obstacle Detection & Obstacle Avoidance Solution at work. This AMR is detecting, identifying, and avoiding all obstacles in its field of view. Notice how the glossy surfaces don’t have any impact on the robot’s ability to manoeuvre and the sensor accurately identifies the floors from the walls.

DreamVu’s Obstacle Detection & Obstacle Avoidance (ODOA) Solution has been upgraded to enhance its obstacle detection and performance capabilities. This solution now works on a variety of floor types from low texture and matte floors to carpet and glossy surfaces. Additionally, this ODOA Solution now detects the following obstacle and non-obstacle types: Obstacle Types: Thin Wires, Small Toys, Solid Obstacles, & Near-Range Floating Obstacles, Shoes, Slippers, Large Obstacles – walls and furniture, Clothes, Door Threshold, Area Rugs Non-Obstacle Types: Glossy Tapes and Matte Tapes DreamVu’s Obstacle Detection and Obstacle Avoidance (ODOA) Solution improves manoeuvrability and safe navigation in complex environments for mobile robots. Through unmatched visual intelligence, objects as small as 2cm x 2cm can accurately be detected and identified at up to 10 meters, including detection of objects at 0 mm. This solution ensures obstacles of all sizes can be recognized and avoided in real-time. Some other recent updates include the following optimizations:

  • Support for operation at 10 Hz minimum, even in low lighting
  • Improved detection of hanging, floating, and dynamic obstacles, even at close range with no minimum depth distance.
  • Optimized for a wide range of ROS plugins.

Have a look at the DreamVu ODOA Brochure below and learn why obstacle detection is so important for Autonomous Mobile Robots!

Full DreamVu product range available now on the Sundance store

PAL Mini

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PAL Ethernet

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