Dronex 2023 – A rapidly growing show

ExCeL London – 26th and 27th September 2023

We enjoyed a very beneficial visit to DroneX 2023. Now a well-established show, it was well organised as always and there were some excellent seminars given by some highly knowledgeable speakers.

Having visited DroneX in previous years, the overall size of the show is steadily growing. Last year, the show was roughly split 50:50 with the Helitech Expo, but this year the drone side of the show was comparatively much larger – a definite shift towards drone (and anti-drone) technology being evident at the show.


Ainstein’s Radar Altimeters


Ainstein’s radar altimeters proved attractive to many of the attendees at DroneX, and that is hardly a surprise given their performance and price point!

US-D1: UAV Standard Radar Altimeter

Ainstein’s UAV Standard Radar Altimeter US-D1 is a must-have mmWave Radar sensor, enabling autonomous takeoff and autonomous landings for drones, as well as terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture.

LR-D1: UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter

Ainstein UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter LR-D1 is a low-cost, high-performance mmWave Radar altimeter designed for advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned helicopters, and other GA aircraft.

LR-D1 Pro: The latest generation long-range radar altimeter.

The LR-D1 Pro employs a 60 GHz antenna for centimetre-level precision at low altitudes and a 24 GHz antenna for enhanced capabilities at high altitudes. The LR-D1 Pro is ideal for larger UAVs performing VTOL, helicopters, and for missions that require precision landing and ruggedized durability.

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