FMC module with 4 x 14bit 500MSPS ADCs

We’re very pleased to be adding this FPGA Mezzanine Card by I A M ELECTRONIC to the Sundance store. Based in Leipzig, Germany, IAM Electronic has specialized in the development of embedded systems since 2017.

The FMC ADC 4x 500 MSPS 14 bit (DC coupled) is a 4-channel 500 MSPS 14 bit ADC card in FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card, VITA 57.1) format using a High Pin-Count (HPC) connector. It was developed for the CERN Beam Instrumentation Group and is licensed under CERN Open Hardware Licence v2.

The board has single-width, ruggedized, conduction cooled form factor and is fully ANSI VITA 57.1 compliant. The VADJ voltage must be 1.8 V, and the carrier must support data rates up to 5 Gbps for each JESD204B lane. With 2 lanes per ADC-channel, the maximum data rate is 40 Gbps (8 JESD204B lanes, 5 Gbps per ADC). The ADC is the ADS54J54 from Texas Instruments.

Sampling and data clocks are generated by the Si5394A from Silicon Labs. This is a ultra-high-performance jitter attenuator for applications requiring the highest level of jitter performance. The device has an ultra-low jitter of 85 fs and can be quickly and easily configured using ClockBuilder Pro software.

Online Wiki: CERN OHWR

Schematics PDF


  • High-pin count (HPC) connector
  • 4 analog signal inputs
  • DC-coupled, singled-ended 50 Ohm inputs
  • +/- 500 mV analog input voltage range
  • Bandwidth: DC to 500 MHz (or better)
  • SNR: typ. 60 dB
  • 500 MSPS sampling rate, 14 bit resolution, simultaneous sampling
  • JESD204B data interface up to 5 Gbps lane rate (max. 8 lanes)
  • SMA connector for external clock reference
  • EEPROM for FRU information storage
  • Open-source hardware


  • Beamline instrumentation
  • Nuclear electronics
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • High-speed data acquisition
  • Test and measurement instrumentation
  • Digital Pulse Processing
  • Research and education with FPGAs

Additional Information

Weight 71g
Dimensions 84.0 x 69.0 x 14.5 mm
Wiki fmc-adc-500m14b4cha
Country of Origin Germany
Harmonised Code 8452 3119

Block Diagram

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