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FMC-GPIO-68SE is a conduction-cooled HPC FMC. It provides 68 Single-Ended GPIOs through a connector at the front bezel. The IOs are taken through level translator ICs which are auto-sensing and can convert from 1.8V to 3V, or 5V, and vice versa. In an alternative build option, some or all the IOs are pass through and not affected by the level translators. The front bezel has a Samtec ERF8-040-01-L-D-RA-L-TR connector. We use 6 Samtec RSP-122811-01 connectors as three differential pairs for transferring signals to the HB bank. These are useful for providing external clock/synchronization signals.


  • 68 Single-Ended IOs or 34 differential pairs without level translation
  • Auto sense, level translation of all or some of the IOs from 1.8V to 3.3 or 5V
  • Pass through option
  • 3 differential pairs through 6x Samtec connectors RSP-122811-01
  • Vadj from carrier card
  • Conduction cooled



  • Signal conditioning and processing
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Industrial control

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x: T  or blank- Add Level Translators
D – Direct diff pair connection to carrier card. Level Translators are not populated
y: Blank – No conformal coating
CC – Conformal coated

The default build is with x=blank which means Level Translators on all 68 lanes.


FMC-GPIO68SE is supported by Sundance DSP PXIe700, PXIe800, SE120 and PCIe104Z boards. You can also use this module with third-party FPGA cards.