Hybrid DSP Systems – Modified Off-the-Shelf Sensor Processing

Specialists in VPX/SOSA-based Modified-COTS FPGA processing boards for defence, aerospace & other demanding applications.


With their range of products now available in the sundance store, Hybrid DSP is a Netherlands-based specialist in rugged FPGA-based processing and data acquisition boards for demanding defence, aerospace, and high-end industrial programs.

High-end FPGAs provide unique flexibility and power; however, this is also what makes their specification and integration so complex. Do it right, and it becomes more than just an efficient processor; it serves as the glue logic that enables disparate components and legacy interfaces to interoperate as required.

Integrating high-value, complex electronics is tough. Something will go wrong or be more time-consuming than planned; that’s a given. The question is how it is handled. At some point, the most efficient way forward will involve technical teams getting together. Hybrid DSP Systems is located in Leiden in the Netherlands, and provides excellent support for its range of products.



We discretely support our clients and their customers, suppliers and partners, acting as consultants from pre-sales to long-term end-of-life logistics.


Characterized designs are backed with a comprehensive understanding of how the product will behave within a given system and environment.


When it comes to RF and FPGA-based processing, COTS is a lesson in compromise. Hybrid DSP’s Modified-COTS optimized core designs permit a rapid, low-risk route to a customized solution that retains the TCO benefits of COTS.


Fully European based design, manufacture and support including PCB, assembly and heatframe production. Our VITA 46.11 IPMI implementation and other core IP is developed in-house, is source available and licenseable.


Successful real-world programs prioritize long-term availability, careful component selection, predictability, MTBF, MTTR and total cost of ownership.


Preliminary studies and de-risking exercises using existing similar platforms ensure our clients’ engineers are actively involved throughout the development cycle of a Modified-COTS product.