Intel FPGA Technology Roadshow

Marlow, Buckinghamshire, 11th July 2023

Since purchasing Altera in 2015, Intel FPGAs have evolved significantly in terms of performance, capacity, and power efficiency. Each new generation brought notable improvements, allowing for more complex designs and increased functionality. With advancements in process technology, the density of programmable logic elements increased, enabling larger and more intricate designs to be implemented on a single FPGA chip.

The release of the AgileX series in 2019 represented a significant milestone in the history of Intel FPGAs. AgileX FPGAs leverage Intel’s 10nm process technology, delivering unprecedented levels of performance, power efficiency, and system integration. With higher logic density, faster transceivers, and enhanced DSP capabilities, AgileX FPGAs empower developers to tackle even the most demanding applications in fields like data centres, artificial intelligence, and 5G.

On Tuesday, we attended the Intel FPGA Technology Roadshow event, organised and hosted by Arrow at Intel’s venue in Marlow—a lovely facility, and thanks again to Arrow for inviting us.

The focus was on the latest updates on Intel’s technology roadmap & strategy with a big emphasis on their new mid-range Intel Agilex® 5 E-series FPGAs. They discussed key silicon features and the development infrastructure (software tools, IP and development boards) that will provide a game-changing experience for embedded applications like Industrial, Medical, Vision and imaging and wireless.


The topics for talks were:

  • Leading Edge Strategy
  • Key Features of Agilex® 5 E-series
  • Update Secure Device Manager
  • Arrow/Intel Devkit overview: Agilex® 5 E-series & solutions
  • Software: Quartus Prim Pro Edition – New Features & Nios® V Processor (RISC V)
  • IP / AI Suite / OneAPI

Here is the full set of slides from the roadshow:

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Information on the Agilex Range.