Internship opportunity as part of the 2020 HiPEAC Internship program

Submission deadline: Dec. 1, 2020

Career levels: Assistant Researcher, Engineer, PhD student, Research Associate

Keywords: Disruptive technologies, Embedded / Cyber-Physical Systems, Energy efficiency / Low-power computing, GPUs / Heterogeneous systems, Machine Learning / AI, Multicore / Manycore, Reconfigurable computing, Robotics

Submit applications and any questions to:

This is an opportunity for an internship applicant to propose a use, an improvement or an extension/transfer of ideas to a new domain based on one of the below technologies for the benefit of common community and the applicant’s own benefit beyond the internship. You have a clean slate to propose an idea and concept that can be completed within the internship and produce a paper or application note that can be shared.

Sundance’s team of 11x people is composed of multi-disciplinary and highly qualified staff that deliver innovative solutions, specially designed, for designing innovative embedded hardware platforms using state-of-art-technologies for accelerating innovative artificial Intelligence algorithms. Sundance’s solutions include highly efficient and low power consumption embedded platforms optimized for running deep learning algorithms used for performing autonomous navigation and for other general computer vision applications. Such solutions are fundamental for the new generation of robotics and autonomous systems.

During the TULIPP project we developed a very flexible hardware concept, built around a Xilinx Zynq SoC, that we call VCS (Vision, Control & Sensor)

Although focus was “Image Processing”, then multiple other applications for A-IoT, Instrumentation, CPS and overall general-purpose and compatible with many other vendors Zynq based products and we have even released a 400+page book about the concept. One unique product that came out of Tulipp was LynSyn, and we were funded by TetraMax to commercialise this product and it can be found here.

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