Logic-X LXD31K4 – Stock Available Now


4 channel ADC 16-bits @ 310 Msps || 4 channel DAC 16-bits @ 575 Msps

The LXD31K4 provides four 16-bit A/D channels with up to 310 Msps data rate and four 16-bit D/A channels with up to 310 Msps data rate with a 1.24 Gsps update rate. This is the only FMC card on the market to offer this number of channels with LVDS digital signalling interfaces. The design is based on the Analog devices AD9652 analogue to digital converters and the Analog devices AD9142A digital to analogue converters.

Analogue input and output
Depending on the application requirements, it is possible to order the LXD31K4 with either a DC coupled or an AC-coupled analogue front end. The DC-coupled interface is meant for signal acquisition and playback in the first Nyquist zone, while the AC-coupled inputs also offer the option for signal acquisition and playback in the second Nyquist zone.

16 bit
Both the ADC and DAC offer 16-bit resolution, further contributing to achieving best-in-class signal-to-noise ratios.

LVDS signalling
Both the ADC and DAC device make use of LVDS signalling for their data interfaces. This allows easy integration of the LXD31K4 into user FPGA designs without the need to acquire expensive and complex JESD204B interface cores. Furthermore, the pinout is chosen in a way that it will work on most of the partial implementations of the high pin count connectors on Xilinx development boards as well as the Logic-X FPGA FMC carrier boards.

Clock tree
The onboard low-noise clock generator ensures easy integration into small single-board systems as well as standalone operation. For larger systems, it is possible to easily synchronize multiple boards by providing an external reference clock. This is a special feature offered by the onboard clock PLL.

Systems that will benefit greatly from this product are:

  • MIMO Applications
  • Radar waveform generators and receivers
  • Digital Beam Forming
  • Medical systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Experimental Physics
  • Analogue record and playback systems
  • Aerospace and test instrumentation
  • Software-defined radio (SDR)


  Download LXD31K4 Datasheet