PPE Detection with KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit

Live detection of personal protective equipment using deep learning on the Kria KV260 for safety.

Application: construction sites.

The objective of this project is to ensure safety in a work environment, i.e., building sites, laboratories, and other places that require wearing protective equipment. The output can be used to make sure that every worker or person present on a building site, for example, is following safety regulations.

The original LogicTronix project can be found on Hackster.io here.

Application on Xilinx Kria KV260 with Machine Learning! This application is targeted for the construction site where different PPE set (Helmet, Vest, Shoes, Gloves) have to be worn while working.
This application uses an optimized neural network and runs in the Xilinx DPU IP core for inferencing. We can achieve 20-30 FPS of inference on Xilinx Kria KV260 for this application.

Hardware components:

 AMD Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit

Webcam, Logitech® HD Pro


Software apps and online services:

AMD Vitis Unified Software Platform




Points of Improvements

This project can be expanded to include other protective equipment like face masks, gloves, headphones, lab coats… Many researchers spent time trying to improve the accuracy of real-time PPE detection models and a lot of interesting approaches came out, these can be used to further test the limits of Kria KV260.

The use of pre-trained models was especially useful as it helped us focus more on the hardware and worry less about the deep learning part (i.e., data collection, data preparation, training,…). This means that we were also able to get started with cheap hardware and yet have remarkable results.

Sundance is excited to have added IP Core products from LogicTronix to our store, with more of their products to be added soon.

LogicTronix is an FPGA Design and Machine Learning Company. They are an AMD Certified Partner and Design Service Partner for AMD Kria SoM FPGA for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

They provide 25+ IP Cores on Computer Vision, Crypto-graphic Hashing, HFT and AI/ML. LogicTronix provides Machine Learning Accelerated Solutions and Design Services over Edge and Cloud with FPGA/GPU.

The Solutions and Services are targeted for Surveillance , Security , Video Analytics, Automotive and Finance.

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