LogicTronix IP Cores now available in the Sundance store

Sundance is excited to have added IP Core products from LogicTronix to our store, with more of their products to be added soon.

LogicTronix is an FPGA Design and Machine Learning Company. They are a Xilinx Certified Partner and Design Service Partner for Xilinx Kria SoM FPGA for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

They provide 25+ IP Cores on Computer Vision, Crypto-graphic Hashing, HFT and AI/ML. LogicTronix provides Machine Learning Accelerated Solutions and Design Services over Edge and Cloud with FPGA/GPU.

The Solutions and Services are targeted for Surveillance , Security , Video Analytics, Automotive and Finance.

LogicTronix ADAS Solution

LogicTronix is offering an ADAS solutions for Automotive Manufacturers and OEM/ODM vendors. This ADAS Solution is based on Xilinx MPSoC FPGA Platform, Xilinx MPSoC is power efficient and high performing multi-processing system on chip device or heterogenous platform.

The MPSoC platform is best suited for sensor fusion and machine learning acceleration. Single device or platform is capable to process LIDAR, Cameras, RADAR and UltraSound sensors and perform Machine Learning Workload over the fused sensor information.

Real-time Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition(ANPR) Solution for Edge and Cloud

LogicTronix are releasing their Real time vehicle license plate detection and recognition solution, ANPR. This ANPR solution is highly competitive in terms of “Cost per Stream (CPS) and performance” when compared to the available solutions on market.

This solution is targeting Private/Public Parking and is already being implemented across Asia Pacific, EU and NA regions!

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