LR-D1 in Mid-Altitude Long Endurance Drones

Ainstein’s LR-D1 was designed specifically to provide precision to auto take-off and landing applications. It displays accurate altitude and velocity measurements up to 500m, making it ideal for the climbs and manoeuvres required by MALE drones.

Key Benefits of the LR-D1 for Mid-Altitude Long-Endurance Flights:

  • More reliable in weather than LiDAR/laser altimeters
  • Rugged design
  • Accuracy at high-speed flights
  • Low altitude precision and large altitude range of 0.7-500 meters

Who the LR-D1 is Ideal for:

  • VTOL UAVs and aircraft
  • UAVs for public and defence security
  • Long-range and tactical flights
  • BVLOS missions

Why Use a Radar Altimeter?

  • To perform high-fidelity UAV terrain-following
  • Laser altimeters are less effective over water
  • GPS can’t account for varied terrain
  • Accurate performance in adverse environments such as fog, rain, etc.

How the LR-D1 Works on Your UAV:

  • The LR-D1 comes out of the box with either a 232 or 422 interface, as well as a connector and cable.

  • Using a TTL-USB converter (232 or 422) it easily connects to the USB port of a Raspberry Pi, which can connect to the Pixhawk through a serial connection, or other flight controller.

  • Mount the radar on the underside of the UAV frame, where it has a clear field of view.

  • In the Ardupilot or PX4 software, some parameters will require to be changed according to the setup guides. Reboot the flight controller. The sensor is ready for operation on the UAV.

  • Create a detailed flight plan for the specific mission at a constant required altitude and parameters while maneuvering Beyond the Visual Line of Sight.

  • Begin the flight with auto take-off, with surface tracking enabled, and watch the automated MALE drone maintain accurate AGL altitude with high accuracy, ensuring safe and accurate surveillance and safety missions.

Meet with Ainstein at CES®

CES® 2024 – Jan. 9-12, in Las Vegas. Ainstein’s booth is located in Westgate Ballroom #2501

Reach out to any of Ainstein’s team of radar experts who will be there in person, including Alan CaroBrian Parkhurst or Elysia C to schedule some time to chat and see if Ainstein’s solutions might fit your product or service!

In addition, each day, you’ll have a chance to win a US-D1 – message Elysia to find out how to enter or look for one of the team members at the conference!

US-D1: UAV Standard Radar Altimeter

Ainstein’s UAV Standard Radar Altimeter US-D1 is a must-have mmWave Radar sensor, enabling autonomous takeoff and autonomous landings for drones, as well as terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture.

LR-D1: UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter

Ainstein UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter LR-D1 is a low-cost, high-performance mmWave Radar altimeter designed for advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned helicopters, and other GA aircraft.

LR-D1 Pro: The latest generation of our long-range radar altimeter.

The LR-D1 Pro employs a 60 GHz antenna for centimetre-level precision at low altitudes and a 24 GHz antenna for enhanced capabilities at high altitudes. The LR-D1 Pro is ideal for larger UAVs performing VTOL, helicopters, and for missions that require precision landing and ruggedized durability.

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