The Lynsyn Lite project has received the I4MS-SAE Label, recognising its excellent implementation, high potential for further deployment and innovative aspect.

What is the I4MS-SAE label? The I4MS and SAE initiatives have joined their effort to select successful Application Experiments from both initiatives, providing them with an official recognition of the quality of the AE .

The label is granted thanks to 2 main groups of criteria:

The companies have successfully completed the programme and achieved the mandatory KPIs, have a highly innovative idea or approach, and have a highly scalable business model.

The companies have a strong will to continue developing their experiment or underlying innovation after the end of the support programme, have a plan and a complete team in place covering both technical and business competencies.

Lynsyn Lite FAQ

Who is it for?
Embedded system designers looking to create an energy efficient design.

What does it do?
Displays the power usage of a system and can correlate the usage to specific sections of code.

What else can it do?
Can be used as a generic USB JTAG programmer with Xilinx Vivado tools and also a remotely controlled current/voltage meter.

Where can I download the software and guides?

Where can I buy one?