Time for some fun with FPGAs!

MEGA65 – highly advanced C64 and C65 compatible 8-bit computer

Sure to delight the retro tech lover and available to preorder now from our partners Trenz Electronic. This 21st century realization of the Commodore™ 65 heritage is a complete 8-bit computer running more than 40x faster than a C64 while being increasingly compatible. Mechanical keyboard, digital video output, dual SDHC™ card support, Ethernet, extended memory and other features increase the fun without spoiling the 8-bit feel. Hardware designs and software are open-source.

This FPGA-based computer wants to be experienced, modified and improved. Development is ongoing!

The first 400 units have been sold. Reservations/pre-orders for the next batch of 1000 units can still be made. Each purchaser will receive an order confirmation after placing the order.

Any questions? Please contact MEGA https://mega65.org/, there is a contact form at the bottom of their homepage.


  • Powerful Xilinx™ Artix A7 200T FPGA for main integrated circuit, additional MAX™ 10 FPGA for recovery
  • Incredibly high quality cherryMX™ based retro keyboard with metal frame
  • Double shot keycaps that will last forever
  • Professional moulded C65-style plastic case with support for additional ports and other modifications
  • Modern features like 100 MBit fast LAN, dual SDHC™ card slots, digital video and more
  • Awesome chiptune potential: 4 SIDs, OPL2™ (wip), 4-channel 16-bit DMA-based Audio in FPGA
  • Keyboard FPGA allows for easy control and reconfiguration to individual needs
  • 40 MHz 8-bit CPU, 384 KB fast RAM, 8 MB serial RAM (wip)
  • VIC-IV video controller with VGA™ and digital video connectors
  • Digital and analog video output usable at the same time
  • 3.5 mm 4-pin stereo audio socket. Audio is also sent on the digital video connector
  • Internal Pmod™ connectors for additional expansions like Tape, Userport, extra memory or real SIDs
  • JTAG™/FTDI™ programmer port for quick testing + flashing of bitstreams, debugging and coding
  • Supports real 1541, 1571, 1581 Commodore™ drives via IEC Port
  • Battery-backed real-time-clock (battery CR1220 not included)
  • Keyboard fits original Commodore™ 65 case


  • Extremely fast and feature complete 8-bit home computer
  • 3-FPGA-design with no closed-source ARM™ cores inside
  • Completely Open Source and under continuous development
  • Under development by dozens of ingenious nerds and M-E-G-A e.V. (non-profit organisation) since 2014
  • Commodore™ 65-based architecture, highly Commodore™ 64 (wip) and 65 compatible
  • AMIGA™, ATARI™ ST and other cores being developed or ported, or make your own core
  • Use internal 3.5” floppy disk drive, SDHC™ cards und external disk drives, all at the same time
  • Use many Commodore™ 64 cartridges with internal expansion slot
  • Commodore™ 64 compatibility enhanced compared to original Commodore™ 65


  • Several great classic games pre-installed
  • Bundled with highly specialized and enhanced GEOS™ version (wip)
  • Built-in freezer menu with countless save slots (depending on SDHC™ card size)
  • Win, Mac and Linux tool chains and emulators for coding and sending files (PRG, SID, …)
  • Multiple D81 disk image support also supporting AutoBoot
  • Includes licensed Commodore™ 65 ROM
  • Community ported Gameboy Color and ZX Uno Core are available.


MEGA65 is not an emulator but a real 8-bit computer with real gun-racing video chip and internal floppy drive!


MEGA65 is around 40 times faster than a C64 making it possibly the fastest 8-bit computer of all time!


MEGA65 lets you access and watch thousands of legendary digital artworks plus the tools to make them yourself!


With its FPGA open-source design the MEGA65 comes with a growing community extending and modifying it in various ways.


Making your own games, demos, or applications has become as easy as it was in 1982. You can program a game in just one day.


MEGA-OS hypervisor and operating system including freezer and task switcher, VFAT32 file system & inter-process communications


Everything you run on or code for the MEGA65 will also run on the MEGAphone (WIP)! And what about SID music as a ring tone?


With the huge number of C64 fans and the growing MEGA65 community you will never be alone with whatever you intend to do!

Mega65 has an excellent YouTube channel with a huge amount of very useful content. Below is a brief overview video showing some of the features available with the Mega65.


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