Nolam FMC boards and IP Cores now available

Sundance is excited to announce that we’ve added FMC boards and IP cores from Nolam Embedded Systems to our product catalogue. They are available to purchase now on the Sundance store.

Nolam Embedded Systems is a leading provider of professional, yet cost-effective Computing and Embedded Systems on a full turn-key basis. Their strong in-house HW & SW design and integration capabilities support this.

Nolam’s Computing & Embedded Systems Solutions group provides “best in class” solutions for your Embedded computing needs: SBC, I/O products and Packaging.

They have strong capabilities, and wide experience derive from closely working with a large variety of clients within the Defense, Naval, Telecom, Industrial and Medical, industries segment markets. Nolam Embedded Systems delivers its customers with the ultimate “Total Solution” approach.

Staff include high-level HW & SW Engineers, and provides our customers with technical support, from application analysis and consultation services, through the design phase, integration, installation, training, maintenance, post-sale and technical support phases.


  • FMC LPC connector (Type HPC can be mounted )
  • ARINC 429 Driver
  • ARINC 429 Transceivers
  • Front panel connector SCSI 50 pin
  • IPMI Memory type EEPROM 24 C 04


  • FMC LPC Connector Type (HPC can also be mounted)
  • Dual or Quad can bus channels SN65HVD233 with auto test capabilities
  • Front panel connector SCSI 50 pin
  • IPMI Memory type EEPROM 24C04


  • FMC LPC connector (Type HPC can also be mounted)
  • Transceivers HI-1579PCI
  • Transformers DB2725EX
  • Front panel connector SCSI 50 pin
  • IPMI Memory Type EEPROM 24C04
  • MIL-STD1553 Compliant BC/RT/MT
  • Operating Temperature -40°c to 85°c


  • Independent Receivers (Rx) with FIFO
  • Independent Transmitter ( Tx ) with FIFO
  • Decoding signals interface type
  • 16 Bit Data bus
  • Direct addressing of all Registers
  • Support all ARINC 429 Data Rate Transfer
  • Multi-Label Capability
  • Parity Control : Odd, Even, No Parity, Interrupt Capability
  • Independent Interrupt Request Line for Rx and Tx Functions
  • System clock 70 MHz can be customized


  • CAN Specifications Support CAN 2.0 ,CAN FD & CAN XL (ISO 11898 1.2015, plus earlier ISO and Bosch specifications) TTCAN (ISO 11898 4 level 1)
  • Optimized for AUTOSAR and SAE J1939
  • Error Analysis features enable diagnostics, system maintenance, and system optimization.
  • Listen Only Mode enables CAN bus traffic analysis and automatic bit rate detection.
  • Loop back mode for self-testing
  • Time-stamping support, compliant to CiA’s 603 specification
  • Flexible Message Buffering and Filtering, Configurable number of receive buffers
  • One high-priority transmit buffer, Configurable number of lower priority transmit buffers
  • FIFO or priority mode for transmit buffers
  • Configurable number of independently programmable 29 bit acceptance filters, 1 to 16


  • MIL STD1553 intellectual property for FPGA and ASIC
  • Suitable for any MIL STD1553 BC,RT,MT implementation
  • Local bus or AXI interface
  • Small FPGA area utilization
  • Modular Architecture allowing flexible implementations
  • Provided with verification environment
  • Based on vendor and technology independent VHDL code
  • Configuration available Simple Front end ,Local Bus and AXI interface

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