The Nottingham Trent University is organising the Smart Industry 4 Workshop from the 9 to 11 of January of 2019. The aim of the Smart Industry 4 Workshop is to present rigorous scientific advances accompanied by real-world applications in the areas of Industrial Digitisation, Robotics and Automation. This will include presentations of recent advances in tools and techniques for the design and development of embodiments for the smart industry. In a smart industry, devices not only react to events through sensing, interpretation and service provision but also learn and adapt their operation and services over time. These embodiments employ contextual information when available, as well as offering unobtrusive and intuitive interfaces.

The Nottingham Trent University will bring key academic and industry experienced speakers to inform and inspire the future generations of roboticists and cybernetic experts. This workshop will bring a multidisciplinary audience interested in understanding Computational Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics by considering ideas and topics presented by our prestige set of speakers.

 Sundance will deliver a 1h30 hands-on workshop on the 11/01/2019 where 30 PhD/early career researchers will have the opportunity to test the new Sundance state-of-the-art VCS-1 that was specially designed for Robotic applications. The main of this workshop is to show the attendees the flexibility, high performance and low power delivered by the VCS-1. Please visit the Smart Industry 4 Workshop for further informations.