Introducing the People

Counting Solution for

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People Counting & Tracking

Through PeopleCount’s software solution and Ainstein’s mmWAYV radar, tracking the occupancy throughout a venue is now automated. Making it easier for managers to make data-driven decisions in order to better optimize space utilization. Aggregated data provides powerful insights to more effectively and efficiently remove friction points in high traffic areas, providing extraordinary protection to society.


Why Radar for People Counting?

  • No Camera means no privacy or sensitive issues
  • Ultra-low power consumption. The radiation is only one-tenth of Bluetooth which is harmless to human body
  • Long detection distance which is suitable for various installation heights
  • The detection range can be set freely, which is suitable for spatial areas of different sizes and shapes
  • The WAYV Air is not affected by environmental obstacles, such as smoke, dirt, low light, heat sources, etc.
  • No regular maintenance is needed. Updates occur over WiFi

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