FC202 – Quadrature Conversion Algorithm


FC202 Quadrature Conversion Algorithm – FPGA Core


FC202 is an efficient implementation of a quadrature conversion algorithm as a 3L Diamond FPGA task. In order for it to be used within a Diamond/FPGA system, the I/O interfaces are ‘standardized’ to the model described by Diamond.


Figure 1 – FC202 Component Diagram

FC202 firmware module is designed to convert a single sampled data channel into its in-phase and quadrature components. This is useful as a pre-cursor for performing a complex Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This module is designed for flow-through operation from FPGA initialization.

The module is useful for converting all types of analogue data streams sampled by the Beam Forming Reference Design hardware used by the Navy project but can equally be used in other hardware and application scenarios. FC202 can interface and take its input from the FC201 FPGA task, which has been designed for input gain / offset correction.