Software Defined Radio – Development System

Sundance’s Software Defined Radio Development System (SDR-DS) is based on the latest Texas Instruments DSPs and cutting edge Xilinx FPGAs.

sdr-dsThe SDR-DS solution provides:

  • A dedicated HOST PC to develop, design and debug your SDR waveforms
  • DSP module for baseband processing expendable and scalable to add more power to tackle demanding algorithms
  • Virtex-4 FPGA module for the IF processing
  • RF Front End module, Dual Tx/Rx to acquire wireless signals from the 2.4GHz band

Full software support is provided with SDR-DS:

  • 3L Diamond DSP + 3L Diamond FPGA for a full codesign solution
  • Board Support Package from Sundance (Drivers and API)
  • Demo application ready to reuse to kick-start your development stage

Also, full software support from a range of optional products:

  • MATLAB®/Simulink® for Model-based design and Rapid modelling (SMT6096),
  • CELOXICA’s ESL software to target FPGA devices with synthesizable C-programming,
  • SCA Framework to conceive Radio waveforms,
  • ORB Middleware

Typical applications:

  • Wireless Communications systems: 4G telecom and beyond, MIMO data-protocols
  • Develop bespoke and custom IF and RF modules to interface to the DSP+FPGA based baseband module
  • SCA compliant waveform implementation
  • and many more!

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