s1484 site stand alone TIM carrier

The SMT148 is a stand alone 4 site TIM carrier. It has analogue inputs and outputs (8 of each, with a sampling frequency for up to 400KHz), three UART connections (one RS485 and two RS232), 56 pairs of LVDS connections, JTAG Debugging, an RSL, an SHB, two USB’s and two FireWire (1394b) ports.
There are 32 LEDS connected to the VirtexII Pro to enable a display.

Single input voltage power supply ranging from +12V to +30V
Power output connector providing +3.3V, +5V, +/-12V


  • Four site stand alone TIM carrier.
  • On-board DC-DC power supplies convert 18 – 30V Input voltages to the 3.3V, 5V & +/-12V required by the Modules
  • Fixed comport links
  • On board ADC / DAC
  • LVDS connectivity
  • RS485 connectivity
  • USB 1.1 connection
  • Firewire connection
  • JTAG connection.


The SMT148-VP7 enables a truly portable system to be developed and run as a ‘Self-contained’ unit, and with the addition of a SMT363 Ethernet Module, provide a Internet compatible system. Being able to use a range of input voltages the SMT148-VP7 can be used anywhere from the desktop, to in an embedded system, a car or even a push bike. The four module sites enable a large scope for a variety of DSP, FPGA, DAC and ADC applications to be run at the same time.

SMT148 User Manual

SMT148 press release