PCI-104 Carrier (SMT130) and a Memory Module; Virtex-II Pro FPGA XC2VP7 (SMT351-M)


The SMT251 is made up of the SMT130 (a PCI-104 single site TIM specification carrier) and a SMT351-G (A Memory Module; Virtex-II Pro FPGA XC2VP7 TIM)

The SMT130 is a single site module carrier developed to provide access to a TIM module over the PCI-104 PCI bus.

Data transfers of 50-100Mbytes per second can be achieved to and from the Global Bus when accessing the SRAM and PCI Bridge, allowing fast data transfers.

The card has an ‘on-board’ JTAG controller which is software compatible with the XDS-510. This allows Code Composer studio and 3L applications to be used to debug/upload software to a DSP TIM.