PCI-104 Carrier (SMT130) and a 1GHz 64-bit DSP Virtex II Pro TIM (SMT395)


The SMT295 is made up of the SMT130 (a PCI-104 single site TIM specification carrier) and a 1GHZ SMT395 (A single width TIM with a Virtex II pro FPGA and a 1GHz 64-bit DSP)

The SMT130 is a single site module carrier developed to provide access to a TIM module over the PCI-104 PCI bus.

Data transfers of 50-100Mbytes per second can be achieved to and from the Global Bus when accessing the SRAM and PCI Bridge, allowing fast data transfers.

The card has an “on-board” JTAG controller which is software compatible with the XDS-510. This allows Code Composer studio and 3L applications to be used to debug/upload software to a DSP TIM.

SMT395 is based on the 1GHz 64-bit TMS320C6416T DSP, manufactured on the latest 90nm wafer technology and offers the highest fixed-point processing power ever. Sundance have not stopped here and have implemented a scalable solution using Xilinx Virtex II Pro FPGAs . The SMT395 is, from the user’s perspective, a faster version of the SMT365 Module and a system can be designed with a mixture of SMT335s, SMT361s, SMT365s and SMT395s on the same Carrier. The SMT395 is supported by the T.I.Code Composer Studio and 3L Diamond RTOS to enable full MultiDSP systems with minimum efforts by the programmers.