s318-SXDual Virtex 4 (XC4VSX) FPGAs in a XC4VSX55-FF1148 package, SHB and LVDS interfaces.

The SMT318-SX55 is an FPGA module with two Virtex 4 (XC4VSX) devices in a XC4VSX55-FF1148 package. It provides a flexible platform for systems that require large data throughput. With six SHB, which can be either used as LVTTL or LVDS, it offers an overall bandwidth of 6.4Gbytes/s and many different data paths. The Virtex 4 SX family offers the highest density of XtremeDSP cores available in an FPGA. Combined, the two SX55 devices provide 1024 XtremeDSP cores. At a peak clock rate of 500MHz, the SMT318-SX55 delivers a staggering 512 billion multiply/accumulates per second.

The flexibility and performances of this module provide a wide range of development options for designers to explore the capabilities of the comprehensive Sundance TIM modules family.



  • Two Virtex 4 (XC4VSX) FPGA in a XC4VSX55-FF1148 package
  • Six SHB giving an overall bandwidth of 2.4Gbytes/s
  • Four ComPort for receiving settings and control commands (20Mbytes/s each)
  • On-board EPROM for FPGA configuration
  • Can be used for custom development
  • Full support for Chipscope via JTAG connection.
  • 12 months warranty


  • SHB to/from LVDS interface- Protocol converter (SHB to/from other data transfer standards)
  • Multi-broadcast: one data flow duplicated and sent to several receivers
  • Data flow splitter
    • Split the high bandwidth data flow and distribute it over several receivers/processing units at a lower bandwidth. Especially useful in Sundance systems when one DSP board cannot process real time all the information from some digitized data channels
  • Pre-processing arithmetic operations: filtering, windowing, bandwidth reduction