s319 Advanced Imaging Module; C6416 @ 600MHz; Xilinx Virtex II XC2V2000 FPGA

The SMT319 is Sundance’s 3rd generation of Texas Instruments ‘C6x DSP Module built on TIM format and uses the TMS320C6416 DSP. This processor has a clock speed of up to 600MHz and a 64 bit external data bus.
The module also includes a Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA which is configured to provide ‘C4x style ComPorts or alternatively the Sundance Digital Link (SDL), a TIM compatible enhanced global bus, two .Sundance High Speed Bus’s (SHBs) and other control functions.
PAL/NTSC/SECAM input and PAL/NTSC output is available via devices connected to the FPGA.


  • Single width module
  • 600MHz TMS320C6416 Fixed Point DSP
  • 4800MIPS peak performance
  • Xilinx Virtex II FPGAs. XC2V2000-4 in FF896 package.
  • 32 Mbytes of SDRAM @ 100MHz
  • Two Sundance High-speed Bus (50MHz, 100MHz or 200MHz) ports 32 bits wide
  • Four 8-bit ComPorts up to 20Mbytes/s each for InterDSP communications / configuration.
  • One 32-bit Global Bus @ 50MHz to interface to a Sundance Carrier or customer hardware.
  • 2Mbytes FLASH ROM for configuration/booting
  • Composite Video Decoder, using the Bt829B and connected directly to the FPGA.
  • Composite/RGB Video Encoder using the Bt864B and connected directly to the FPGA
  • JTAG Diagnostics Port
  • Serial-port Connectors
  • General purpose I/O Connectors
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty
  • Weight Approx. 58g



The SMT319 is self-contained Graphics Module that is suitable for a range of application in Image Processing, Graphics, Rendering of pictures and as a General Purpose display sub-system in a larger MultiDSP processing system. The SMT319 can be hosted in a PC-type environment or, with the larger on-Module Flash, be using in a “Stand-Alone” mode.

The SHB provides 60 I/O pins each and they are available to the user as general purpose I/O pins and uses the high-speed connector system from Samtec and use the “Blue Ribbon” cables from Precision Interconnect

smt319 user manual