Frequency Generator Module: Two Variable Clock Outputs (50MHz – 950MHz); Two Variable Analog signal Outputs (Covering 300MHz – 1000MHz); Two Variable Trigger Outputs (75Hz – 5MHz)

The SMT321 is a single width TIM module. It is capable of generating two separate LVPECL triggers, two separate analogue test signals with the frequency depending on the VCOs on the board, and two separate LVPECL clock signals.

The triggers are generated by a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA (XC3S400 – TQ144). This FPGA also controls the frequency of the analogue test and of the clock via control register setup over the Comport. The analogue test signals are generated by two separate VCO’s (Microwave Corporations UMS series of VCO’s) for different frequency ranges. Finally the two clock signals are generated by Micrel high frequency clock synthesizers (SY89430V).

The SMT321-H can generate analogue test signals covering the 300 – 1000 MHz range. It can also generate two independent LVPECL clocks ranging from 50 – 950 MHz.


The user sets up the triggers, analogue and clock signals in the FPGA via the Comport interface. There is no FPGA configuration device on the module. The FPGA configures with the help of a microprocessor over the Comport. This makes the module more flexible as it is easy for the user to download a custom bit-stream to the FPGA.


  • Six separate channels consisting of two triggers, two analogue signals and two clock signals
  • Triggers range from 75Hz to 5MHz and the high and low time of each trigger is programmable
  • Triggers can be continuous or a single pulse with a programmable high time
  • Each analogue signal varies in frequency depending on the VCOs mounted
  • Standard Sundance Comports interface for easy FPGA configuration and module setup
  • 12 months warranty


This frequency generator module is ideal for testing ADC and DAC type modules. The advantage of this module is that it can provide an independent analogue test signal, an independent clock and an independent trigger to two separate modules or to two independent channels on the same module.

The module is also ideal for generating a system trigger or for distributing a system clock. All triggers are programmable and the clock frequency is variable over a large frequency range. The analogue test frequency also covers a wide range and can be adjusted by mounting various types of VCOs on the module.

Smt321 Product Manual Rev01 Iss01