s328VME Carrier with 4 Module sites

The SMT328 is a 4 site VME tim carrier. It enables connection of comports of sites together both via cables, and internal switches. The external comports are all fully buffered, ensuring that there is minimum signal degradation for connection to other devices. It has two global bus enabled TIM sites, and 1MByte of one-wait-state SRAM accessible by TIM sites or VME. JTAG debugging is possible when accessing the SMT328 as a slave.


  • Simple implementation of multi-channel solutions
  • ComPorts reduce bus bandwidth dependencies for higher system throughput
  • Build system with large numbers of processors and peripherals
  • Use standard VME/PC host for embedded processing systems
  • Quick and simple installation for rapid prototype system development High performance Embedded processing resource
  • Ideal for COTS based DSP systems


VME carrier with 4 module sites 
Flexible ComPort topology 
VME Master Global bus interface 
VME Slave ComPort interface 
All 6 front panel ComPorts fully buffered 
Double pipe ComPort architecture 
All internal ComPorts are unbuffered offering maximum bandwidth between modules 
Shared Global bus on two sites 
1Mbyte one-wait-state SRAM accessible by 2 module sites or VME 
On board JTAG de-bugging circuit – accessed from VME 
TIM Standard compatible 
12 months warranty