s329 VXS and VME64 Four site carrier Card.

The SMT329 is a VME four-site module carrier developed to provide access to TIM Modules over the VME64 (parallel) and VXS (serial) busses. It is backward compatible with the SMT328, and can replace the SMT328 with no software modifications. By implementing the VME64 2eSST standard it offers up to 320M bytes/sec (2.56G bits/sec) across the VME bus, while 8 VXS ports offer up to 2.5G bits/sec each, making a VXS total of up to 20G bits/sec.

The SMT329 allows four ‘C6x DSP ModulesFPGA Modules and/or slave I/O Modules to be integrated into a powerful processing system based on the VME64 standards. The SMT329 can accept up to four different processing or IO modules or two dual-width modules. It is a VME bus slave and bus master.

The high speed 8M byte shared SRAM acts as a data transfer buffer. This is directly accessible via the Global Bus interfaces of two of the TIM sites and the VME64 bus, with programmable mailbox interrupts to any of these three busses. Additionally data from any of the Ethernet or RocketIO ports on the Virtex4 can be transferred by DMA to or from the SRAM. The SRAM is organized as 1M by 64 bits and is clocked at 250MHz, so peak throughput for 64 bit transfers is 2G bytes/sec.

s329btmThe buffered front panel JTAG interface allows systems to be debugged using Code Composer Studio IDE. The JTAG interface is fully buffered to allow multiple SMT329 carriers to be debugged in a single JTAG chain.

Each TIM site has 6 ComPorts along with 2 RSL ports, which are connected to RocketIO ports on the Virtex4.

The Virtex4 also provides 4 off 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports which are connected to the VME P2 “user-defined” pins, so they are available at the back plane.


  • Four TIM compatible module sites.
  • Two Global bus TIM sites
  • 8M byte shared SRAM
  • VME64 Bus with data rates of up to 320M bytes/sec using the 2eSST protocol.
  • 8 RSL ports (2 per TIM site)
  • 6 ComPorts per TIM site
  • 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports connected to the VME P2 pins
  • Buffered JTAG in and out
  • Buffered ComPort connections
  • 12 months warranty


Simple implementation of multi-channel solutions. 
ComPorts reduce bus bandwidth dependencies for higher system throughput. 
Build system with large numbers of processors and peripherals. 
Use standard VME/PC host for embedded processing systems. 
Quick and simple installation for rapid prototype system development High performance Embedded processing resource. 
Ideal for COTS based DSP systems. 
High-performance Multiprocessor resource. 
Expandable system allows for future expansion. 
Interface to any VME64 Systems and allow DSP to be added to the VME64 Bus.

SMT329 Product Specification