s335C6201 @ 200MHz , 512KB SBSRAM, 16MB SDRAM, Virtex XCV300, SDB Interface


The SMT335 TIM consists of a Texas Instruments TMS320C6201 running at 200MHz. Modules are populated with 512KB of synchronous burst SRAM (SBSRAM) and 16MB of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), giving a total memory capacity of 16.5MB.

A Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is used to manage global bus accesses and implement six communication ports and two Sundance Digital Buses.


  • Single width module
  • 200MHz C6201 Fixed Point DSP
  • 1600MIPS peak performance
  • 16Mbyte high speed SDRAM
  • 512Kbyte SBSRAM
  • Two 200Mbytes/s SDB Interface ports
  • Six ComPorts up to 20Mbytes/s each.
  • 512Kbytes FLASH ROM for configuration/booting
  • JTAG Diagnostics Port
  • TIM Global Connector
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty


Simple implementation of multi-processor solutions 
Scaleable system architecture 
Balanced Communications/processing resources 
Flexible interface strategies with range of I/O methods 
Large range of COTS peripheral items such as ADC, DAC, FPGA 
Compatible with C6701 variants Multiprocessor DSP systems 
Multi Channel Telecommunication systems 
Cellular Base Station Development 
Algorithm Prototyping 
Image Processing 
Military Signal processing

smt335 user manual