s338High Performance I/O Module, XCV300-4 FPGA; SDB interface; RS644 Differential Drivers


Differential signalling is the mechanism of choice when long-distance connections from a PC to the outside world or/and high bandwidth requirements need to be satisfied.

The SMT338 provides the user with differential pairs connected to two on-board 50-way headers on one end and to a Virtex FPGA on the other end to offer an extremely flexible differential signalling solution.

With the ability to interface directly to RS422, RS485, Low Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS), and Bus LVDS (BLVDS) known as well under Multipoint LVDM differential I/O standards, the SMT338 supports input, output and I/O signalling.


  • Single width module
  • Virtex XCV300 FPGA for Control & DSP Functions
  • Six ‘C4x type ComPorts
  • Six Sundance Datapipe Links
  • Global Bus Expansion
  • Two Sundance Digital Bus Ports. Max. 200Mbytes/sec
  • Dual 9-bit or single 18-bit bi-directional differential I/O Ports
  • Dual 6-bit Input I/O Ports
  • On-board RS485 Converters (TTL)
  • On-board RS644 Converters (LVDS)
  • 4 Status LEDs 
    TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty
  • Weight Approx. 64g


Digital camera IP core available for Linescan and Areascan cameras 
Flexible data routing range of processing modules 


DSP Processing inside FPGAs 
Dual Channel Data Capture for DSP processing 
Data Routing for Sundance Digital Bus 

Software Support

3L Diamond RTOS Compiler 
Mathworks Matlab 
Jovian Pegasus 
Sample Source Code

SMT338 User Manual