s338vpFPGA Module; SHB/RSL Interfaces; Xilinx Virtex II Pro VP20-6; DDR SDRAM

SMT338-VP provide a ‘Base’ Module for a range of applications and functions. The addition of a Virtex-II Pro FPGA will enable the Module to be running as a ‘Stand-Alone’ Module as the Virtex II Pro has a built-in PowerPC controller and direct access to 1Gbit of DDR SDRAM. This will provide storage for the majority of applications. The addition of a 16-bit microcontroller enable the FPGA to be re-programmed on the fly and it also monitors all the power-lines and keeping the track of the temperature of the SMT338-VP.

The Virtex II Pro has more than 500 I/O pins and some of these are connected to one the two 60-way SHB connector for normal LV-TTL interface and the 3x 20-way Sundance LVDS Bus (SLB) connector has 36 pairs of Low Voltage Differential Signals that can be interfaced over a long distance to some external control equipment. Sundance uses this concept for the SMT390 210MSPS ADC Module and the SMT391 1GHz ADC Module.

s338vpbtmSMT338-VP has 2x 4-way Rocket Serial Links for interface to the either Sundance Modules or via cable to other equipment that offers Serial Links, like PCI Express, etc.


  • Virtex II Pro XC2VP20-6 FPGA in a FF896 package
  • 20880 logic cells
  • One PowerPC Core 8x RSL (Rocket Serial Link) interfaces @ 2.5GHz per link
  • 2x SHB (120 I/O pins) connectors
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sundance SHB modules.
  • 2x 8-bit ComPorts for configurations
  • 1x Sundance LVDS Bus (SLB) connector (60-way differential Samtec SQH)
  • Can be used for custom developments
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty
  • Weight Approx. 58g


The SMT338-VP is a ‘Empty Module’, as the Virtex II Pro is totally un-committed and any Sundance, Xilinx or similar IP-Core can be used for either Digital Camera control, data-routing, pre-/post-processing.

The XC2VP20 Xilinx FPGA has approx. 1 million gates and Sundance uses approx. half a million for controlling the converters and rest could be used by OEM customers for doing pre-processing on the data or for other custom controls. The SMT338-VP has more than 120 free I/O pins for either ‘InterModule’ communications or for custom applications/use. The Rocket Serial Links provide the ultimate in fast ‘InterModule’ communications, each RSL being a hard-core inside the Xilinx FPGA and running at speed up to 2.5Gbites/sec.

The Virtex VP20 also contains a IBM PowerPC Core, that is 100% un-committed and not used by any of Sundance’s IP-Cores

SMT338VP user manual