s338-vp7 FPGA Module; SHB/RSL/SLB Interfaces; Xilinx Virtex II Pro VP7

SMT338-VP provide a ‘Base’ Module for a range of applications and functions. The addition of a Virtex-II Pro FPGA will enable the Module to be running as a ‘Stand-Alone’ Module as the Virtex II Pro has a built-in PowerPC controller. The addition of a 16-bit, MPS430, microcontroller enable the FPGA to be re-programmed on the fly and it also monitors all the power-lines and keeping the track of the temperature of the SMT338-VP.

The Virtex II Pro XC2VP7-6 FF896 has 396 I/O pins and some of these are connected to one of the two 60-way SHB connectors for normal LV-TTL interface. Others are connected to the 60-way Sundance LVDS Bus (SLB) connector. This has 36 pairs of Low Voltage Differential Signals for interfacing to some external control equipment over long distances. Sundance uses this concept for the SMT381 (1GHz DAC Module), the SMT390 (Dual ADC Module), SMT391 (1GHz ADC Module) and now the SMT350 (Dual ADC/DAC Module).

s338-vp7btmSMT338-VP has two 4-way Rocket Serial Links. These connect either directly to Sundance Modules or via cables to other equipment with Serial Links, like PCI Express cards, etc.


  • Virtex II Pro XC2VP7-5 FPGA in an FF896 package
  • 11088 logic cells (similar to XC2V1000 FPGA)
  • One PowerPC Core
  • 8 RSL (Rocket Serial Link) @ 2.5Gbits/s per link
  • 2 SHB (120 I/O pins) connectors
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sundance SHB modules.
  • 2 ComPorts @20Mbytes/s for configuration.
  • 1x Sundance LVDS Bus (SLB) connector (60-way differential Samtec SQH)
  • Can be used for custom developments
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty
  • Weight Approx. 49g


The SMT338-VP is a ‘Empty Module’, as the Virtex II Pro is totally un-committed and any Sundance, Xilinx or similar IP-Core can be used for either data-routing, pre-/post-processing such as filters and Digital Down converters and Digital Camera control.

The XC2VP7 Xilinx FPGA has approx. 1 million gates and Sundance uses approx. half a million for controlling the converters. The rest could be used by OEM customers for doing pre-processing on the data or for other custom controls. The SMT338-VP has more than 120 free I/O pins for either ‘InterModule’ communications or for custom applications/use. The Rocket Serial Links provide the ultimate in fast ‘InterModule’ communications, each RSL being a hard-core inside the Xilinx FPGA and running at speed up to 2.5Gbites/sec.

The Virtex VP7 also contains a IBM PowerPC Core, that is 100% un-committed and not used by any of Sundance’s IP-Cores

SMT338VP user manual