s358FPGA Module, Virtex XCV1000-6; 8MB ZBT SRAM; Sundance Digital Bus interface



  • Single width module
  • Virtextm range of FPGA devices as user programmable resource
  • 1M Gates equivalent or more of software configurable resource
  • 4 Banks of 1M x 18 of high speed ZBT SRAM
  • Four ‘C4x type ComPorts
  • TIM Global Connector
  • Four 200Mbytes/s SDB Interface per DSP
  • Four Sundance Datapipe Links up to 100Mbytes/s
  • 4 Status LEDs
  • LVDS Interface and memory expansion options
  • JTAG Diagnostics Port
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty


Simple prototyping for hardware solutions to typical DSP algorithms 
Scaleable and flexible system configuration 
Higher performance than conventional DSPs 
Expansion of memory or I/O interfaces using mezzanine cards 
VHDL Source to module interfaces available Prototyping platform for ASIC development 
Data acquisition front end processor 
Multi channel telecommunication systems 
Adaptive high performance control systems


SMT358 User Manual