s361C6416 @ 720MHz, 32Mb SDRAM, 1x Virtex II XC2V1000, 2x SDB Interface, 4 ComPorts and General Purpose I/O


SMT361A is based on the 64-bit TMS320C6416 DSP family and offers the highest fixed-point processing power ever. Sundance did not stop here and have implemented a scalable solution using Xilinx Virtex II FPGAs. These Modules are very suitable for Imaging Processing solutions as the ‘C64xx has special functions for handling graphics up to ten-times faster than the ‘C6201 that it originates from. The SMT361 is, from the user’s perspective, a faster version of the SMT361 ‘C6416 based Module and a system can be designed with a mixture of SMT335s and SMT361s, using the same Module Carrier. The SMT361A is supported by the T.I. Code Composer Studio and 3L Diamond RTOS to enable full MultiDSP systems with minimum programming effort.


  • Single width module
  • 720MHz ‘C6416 Fixed Point DSP
  • 5760MIPS peak performance
  • Xilinx II FPGA XC2V1000-6
  • 32Mbyte high speed SDRAM @ 120MHz
  • Two 200Mbytes/s SDB Interface ports
  • Four ComPorts up to 20Mbytes/s each.
  • 8Mbytes FLASH ROM for configuration/booting
  • JTAG Diagnostics Port
  • UTOPIA Connectors
  • Serial-port Connectors
  • General purpose I/O Connectors
  • TIM Global Connector
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty