s36712-channels, 12-bit ADC Module; Sundance Digital Bus Interface; Global Bus


The SMT367 is a differential 12 Channel, 12 bit ADC TIM module based on a Analog Devices AD7892 ADC converter. It is capable of digitising a data input stream of +- 5 volts at a conversion rate of 500k samples per second.

The signal conditioning of each analogue channel consists of a precision instrumental amplifier (AMP02) to allow high impedance inputs, together with a first order anti-aliasing filter tuned to 17-20KHz., to be implemented.

Each analogue channel converts it input analogue signal into a 12-bit digital value which is latched into a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA, Virtex XCV300) at a programmable data sample rate. This start conversion pulse can also be synchronised to an external TTL trigger input. Conversion of a single data sample on each converter can generate an interrupt signal on the Global Expansion interface bus once all 12 ADC’s have been sampled, allowing the data to read and processed by a DSP module.

An SDB connector provides a high speed 16-bit data transfer interface. The SDB implementation on this module is as an output only.

For custom designs a 24 way 2mm IDC header can be fitted, instead of a SDB, allowing an additional 24 TTL I/O’s to be available.

The FPGA is configurable using 3 methods.
– On-Board Serial PROM, type XC/AT17LV020, in a 8 Pin DIL socket.
– X-Checker Header.
– Via the Global Expansion Com-Port 3.

Supply voltages for the analogue section are generated on the TIM to reduce supply noise.


  • Single width module Data Acquisition
  • 12 channels using 12-bit AD7892 ADC
  • Up to 500KHz sample clock
  • anti-aliasing filter tuned to 17-20KHz.
  • Programmable sample clock
  • Four ‘C4x type ComPorts
  • 200Mbytes/s SDB Interface or TTL I/O
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty


Simple implementation of multi-channel solutions 
Scaleable system configuration 
Direct connection from ADC to DSPs 
On-board pre-processing FPGA for SoftDSP algorithms 
Shorter development cycles 
Flexible system architectures and specifications Instrumentation 
Spectrum Analysers 
Digital Radio Receivers 
Multi-channel Receivers 
Cellular/PCS base stations