Low Voltage Differential Drivers – SDB <–> LVDM Converter


s373The SMT373 converts Sundance Digital Bus SDB LVTTL signals to Low-Voltage Differential Signals (LVDS) and can connect two systems several meters apart.

The board operates a conversion between LVTTL (TTL tolerant) signals and Low Voltage Differential Signals. It provides two bi-directional 20-bit channels that can transfer up to 2 GBytes/s thanks to 40 SN65LVDM176 transceivers from TI that can individually reach 400Mbits/s.

Each channel provides 16 bits of data, a clock and a clock-enable signals with their direction controlled by a single signal. Two other signals can be used for the bus arbitration in a bi-directional application. The direction of each of them can be controlled independently.

All the direction control signals are accessible through the connectors and therefore can be set by the board they are connected to. The Sundance Digital Bus already provides 200Mbytes/s data transfer rate between TIMs. Thanks to this module a TIM can communicate with another board several meters away.

It only requires 3.3V Power supply.



  • Two 20-bit bi-directional LVDS Data Interfaces
  • Up to 1.6Gbytes/s peak transfer rate
  • TIA/EIA-644 compliant LVDM transceivers
  • Extends SDB interface over several meters
  • Supports Multi-point Interfaces
  • Fail-safe receiver operation
  • Optional RS422/485 configuration
  • 12 months warranty


Enables connection of separate systems over several meters 
Share common data across several processing resources Remote Acquisition interfaces 
High bandwidth digital camera interfaces

SMT373 user manual