s376DSP Module; C6711 @ 150MHz, 128MB SDRAM, Spartan-IIE XC2S300E, 1x SDB Interface and 1x SHB interface


Sundance has traditionally built Parallel Processing systems for applications like Body Scanners and Rendering systems, but lack of cost-effective floating-point devices has pushed the Floating Point functions onto the Host PC. The arrival of the ‘C6711 DSP from T.I., Sundance will now be able to help the main processor with floating-point functions without effecting the overall performance of the Host-PC, enabling it to do other things such as a Graphics engine, etc.


  • Single width module
  • 150MHz ‘C6711 Floating Point DSP
  • 900MFLOPS peak performance
  • Xilinx Sparten IIE FPGA XC2S300E in FG456 package
  • 128Mbyte of SDRAM @ 100MHz
  • 2Mbytes FLASH ROM for configuration/booting
  • Two 200Mbytes/s Sundance High-speed Bus ports
  • Four ComPorts up to 20Mbytes/s each for InterDSP communications.
  • One Global Bus interface for Host communications.
  • JTAG Diagnostics Port
  • Audio-port Connectors
  • Serial-port Connectors
  • General purpose I/O Connectors
  • TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 month warranty
  • Weight Approx. 47g



The SMT376 provides a flexible platform for the next generation of Audio and Video solutions.

The DSP and the Sparten IIE FPGA are tightly coupled. The Sparten IIE is responsible for all communication to the ‘Outside’ World and controls the Sundance High-Speed Bus (SHB), ComPorts and the enhanced Global Bus.

The SHB provides 60 I/O pins each which are available to the user as general purpose I/O pins and uses the high-speed connector system from Samtec and use the ‘Blue Ribbon’ cables from Precision Interconnect.


s376 smt376 user manual