ADC Module, 2 channels, 105MSPS @ 12bit; Sundance Digital Bus interface


s380SMT380 offers a total Analogue to Digital data conversation front-end for 2 channels of 105MSPS sampling on a single width Module. The use of Analog Device Inc. AD9138 differential buffer, provide AD9432 ADC converter with the data and from converted data goes via a FPGA to a two Sundance Digital Bus for each channel of data to enable individual processing of I & Q data.. The selection of modes is done via dip-switches, so the Module will always start-up in a configure mode.


  • Single width Data Acquisition Module
  • Simultaneous 2 channel 12-bit Analogue to Digital data conversation
  • Uses AD8138 Differential Buffers and AD9432 converters.
  • 105MSPS sampling rate on each channel directly to two Sundance Digital Bus’s.
  • 80dB dynamic range and 68dB signal/noise ration.
  • External clock and trigger connectors, either Huber & Suhner’s MMBX or JAE’s CV10.
  • 12 months warranty


  • Ideal for Communications Systems, Digital Radio Receivers
  • Base Station and ‘Zero-IF’ Subsystems, GPS Receivers
  • Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Cellular base stations
  • Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LDMS)
  • HDTV Broadcast Cameras and Film Scanners, Spectrum analysers.