12 channel Serial RS422 Interface; Global Bus Interface; Sundance Digital Bus interface


s382The SMT382 is a 12 Channel differential RS422 Transceiver, capable of 10Mbaud transfer rates with ESD protection on the RS422 I/O’s and high source/sink current capabilities. It is supplied on a single width TIM module and has an interface to other TIM sites in the system via the Global Expansion Bus. An on-board Sundance Digital Bus (SDB) is also provided to allow the output RS422 data to be sourced from another SDB TIM site or the incoming RS422 data to be streamed to another SDB compatible TIM.

The module uses three ‘on-board’ QUAD UARTs based on the OX16C954 device, each. Each uses a 18.432MHz crystal to generate a programmable baud rates.

The SMT382 has a Virtex FPGA, XCV300, which is used to implement 12 UART’s internally each having programmable Baud, data width, parity and stop protocol. The FPGA is configurable using 3 methods.

– On-Board Serial PROM, type XC/AT17LV020, in a 8-Pin DIL socket.
– X-Checker Header.
– The TIM Comm-Port 3, via the XC95144 CPLD.

An Optional 24 Way IDC header can be fitted instead of the SDB to allow 24 extra TTL I/O’s. The function of these I/O’s can be defined in the Virtex firmware.


  • Single width module
  • 12 Channels of differential RS422 I/O
  • Four ‘C4x type ComPorts 
    TIM standard compatible.
  • 12 months warranty
  • 24 TTL I/Os controlled by the FPGA
  • Full ESD protection
  • Global Bus Interface
  • Xilinx XCV300 FPGA
  • Three QUAD OX16C954 UARTS


Simple implementation of multi-channel solutions 
Scaleable system configuration 
Direct connection to DSPs 
Shorter development cycles 
Flexible system architectures and specifications